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Onslow County Tourist attractions

January 10, 2011

Are you looking for fun family stuff to do in Onslow County? If so, this article will go over a few family attractions that are available in Onslow County.

If you like the outdoors Onslow has many different attractions for you. You can visit Whispering Dove Goat Ranch & Apiary for a nice day out. This is a ranch that caters to many different animals including goats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, and even bees. If animals are what you are looking for, you can also visit the Lynnwood Park Zoo. This zoo includes over ten acres of terrain. It has exhibits including over fifty different animals. It is not only a fun place to visit with your family, but educational as well.

If you are more of the active type there are many different sport activities to do in Onslow as well. For example, you can visit Star Skating. This is more than just a skating rink, it also includes an arcade and snack bar. You could also visit Swingin’ Things. This family fun place includes a miniature golf course, driving range, and batting cages.

For a quiet family day you could visit the Onslow County Museum or the Onslow County Public Library. Both attractions will provide a quiet and educational day for you and your family.

As you could see there are a lot of things to do in Onslow County.  Check out more attractions at the tourist website of Onslow County!  Depending on the type of day you want to have will determine what destination you choose to go to.