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Today is Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Jacksonville NC Unites Against MS

April 25, 2011

Later this week, there will be a benefit concert held in Jacksonville NC to help raise money to combat Multiple Sclerosis. It was all arranged by a Camp Lejeune wife of a Naval Lieutenant recently returned from deployment. The wife was, herself, diagnosed with MS six years ago. She claimed that the inspiration for the event came from her husband’s triumphant return to his old band CounterPoint. The initial idea was for them to raise enough money to participate in the MS walk in Wilmington on April 30, but the benefit concert began to take on a life of its own as promotions continued effectively. The benefit concert has now taken on the role of a benefit concert from which proceeds will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and a promotional event for local bands.

This concert is going to serve a twofold purpose: raising money for the search for a cure and helping local bands get their names and their music out to the public. Every small-time band can appreciate a chance to share their music with the masses, be they fans or the uninitiated, getting their music heard is their passion. A chance to do exactly that while at the same time helping those afflicted with MS is something many of the bands are looking forward to. Local talent expected to play at the show include Closing Tyme, Mickey Dixon, Adam Hill, John Baer, Stone Cold Fester, and of course CounterPoint. The concert is to be held at the House of Rock on April 27.

Jacksonville NC real estate owners and visitors should give this concert a visit. It is a chance to potentially expand your horizons and have a good time as well as help those less fortunate at the same time. This benefit show is a great example of how the people of Jacksonville come together as a community for a greater cause and make magic happen, especially considering how otherwise this would have just been another day near the end of April. The gung-ho attitude of the people and the ability to do great things for others are what make the Jacksonville NC homes so appealing to others. So take a look around and see how a close community makes a MS benefit into a party everyone can enjoy helping out at!